Become the future shapers with us!

Welcome to QG Future Excellence! The abbreviation QG stands for Quantum Genius with a figurative meaning. With the advent of a new era, all companies, individuals and organizations are facing enormous challenges. QG Future Excellence takes INNOVATION and TRANSFORMATION as its mission. All consultations, trainings and services focus on the same goal: we help you turn tremendous challenges into great opportunities and achieve a fundamental transformation.

  • How to use the latest technologies to enable a quantum leap of your business, skills and life?
  • How to transform business models, thinking patterns and industry processes to become pioneers in the future economy with new business rules?
  • How to cultivate and stimulate the sustainable innovation ability of individuals and organizations?

Whether these 3 tasks can be successfully mastered within the next 3 to 5 years plays a decisive role for future survival and success.

QG Future Excellence has its finger on the pulse of the times and develops digitalization strategies and business model transformation for your company that are among the most innovative.

For personal growth, we equip you and your managers with future-proof mindsets, skills and information.

QG Future Excellence offers all stakeholders lifelong growing together.

The future belongs to the pioneers! We accompany you on the way into the future of innovation …

• Best informed

• Best prepared

• Best involved

• Best transformed